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Nosiheptide Premix (veterinary use)

Quality standard: nong ye bu gong gao No. 2382

Registered trademark: Wanbei

Specification:1000g: 2.5g(2500000unit), 1000g:5.0g(5000000unit), 1000g:10g(10000000unit), 1000g:20g(20000000unit), 1000g:40g(40000000unit)

In December, 2013, our company passed GMP inspection by Ministry of Agriculture and gained veterinary drug GMP certificate and production license;

Our preparation method of nosiheptide powder won patent of invention;

In November, 2011, our testing method of nosiheptide preparation won patent of invention;

Neomycin Sulphate

Quality standard: China veterinary pharmacopoeia, EP, USP quality standard

Registered trademark:


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