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Nosiheptide Premix (veterinary use)

Quality standard:nong ye bu gong gao No. 2382

Registered trademark:Wanbei

Specification:1000g: 2.5g(2500000unit), 1000g:5.0g(5000000unit), 1000g:10g(10000000unit), 1000g:20g(20000000unit), 1000g:40g(40000000unit)

Nosiheptide Premix(veterinary use)

1000g: 2.5g(2500000 unit), 1000g:5.0g(5000000 unit), 1000g:10g(10000000 unit), 1000g:20g(20000000 unit), 1000g:40g(40000000 unit) 

Sales contact (tel) : Guo Fei +86-13805578207 Xie Man +86-13355570611/+86-0557-3621963) Order online: vet@xinyupharm.cn


In December, 2013, our company passed acceptance check of GMP by Ministry of Agriculture and gained veterinary drug GMP certificate and production license;

Our preparation method of nosiheptide powder won patent of invention;

In November, 2011, our testing method of nosiheptide preparation won patent of invention;

Our 2500 tons nosiheptide premix project won 2011 state Torch Plan project;

Our nosiheptide premix project won honor title of “2010 state key new product”;

In March, 2009, our “nosiheptide” project team was praised as Anhui “115” innovation team;

In March, 2009, nosiheptide premix was praised as new and high-tech product;

Approval number:Shou Yao Tian Zi(2016)120272864(2500000 unit),

Shou Yao Tian Zi(2016)120272864(5000000 unit),

Shou Yao Tian Zi(2016)120272864(10000000 unit),

Shou Yao Tian Zi(2016)120272864(20000000 unit),

Shou Yao Tian Zi(2016)120272864(40000000 unit)

production licence :2008 veterinary drug certificate 12027

◆ promoting beasts and birds growth, improving efficiency of feed utilization

◆ no drug-fast and no cross tolerance

◆ no residue problem

◆ low virulence, safe to human being and beast

◆ little influence on environmental, environmental friendly type feed

[ English name ] Nosiheptide Premix
[ Main ingredient ]Nosiheptide
[ Specification ]0.25%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 2.0%, 4.0%

[ Adaptation disease ] growth promotion  
[ Packaging ]25kg/bag 
[ Storage ]sealed in cool and dry place
[ Shelf life ]2 years

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